Urban fantasy online game with real world venues.

Become a vampire, werewolf or shadow hunter.

Protect New York, Paris, Tokyo or your city!

Currently in alpha on web, Android, WP8 and iOS.

True geo-social game

Dusk War - play with real world venues

Play with real world venues

Unite with other players to protect shops and bars, schools and colleges in San Francisco, London, Seoul and other cities across the world. Become a hero of local Starbucks or your favorite Irish Pub!

Dusk War has challenging match-3 puzzle combat

Challenging Match-3 puzzle combat

Your skills matter, not your reflexes. Candy Crush Saga style mystic puzzles are easy to learn, and for seasoned gamers we've added duels and team battles, tricky spells and powerful items.

Dusk War is for casual and seasoned gamers

For casual and seasoned gamers

Play fast battles or craft items when you have a couple of minutes. Join epic boss fights and turf wars with thousands of players on weekends.

Dusk War features relaxed location-based gameplay

Relaxed location-based gameplay

You don't have to play where you are in the real world. Sit back, relax and play in Rio-de-Janeiro or Dubai right from from your couch. GPS location-enabled gameplay will give some bonuses though, so going out is rewarding.

Dusk War is Multi-platform mobile MMORPG for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8

Multi-platform mobile MMORPG

Play on iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone 8 gadgets; and your good old desktop web browser is supported too. We might even support flatscreen TVs and Google Glasses in the future.

Dusk War has epic guild wars 2

Epic guild wars

Vampires, Werewolves and Shadow Hunters combine forces to defend their cities from Shadows, but they've never been friends. Help your guild and faction to conquer key venues and acquire more territory.

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Hero! Protect your city from Shadows!

Battle starts in May 2014. Sign up now!

Currently in alpha on web, Android, WP8 and iOS.

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